The Studio Tour is a scenic, drive-yourself tour, on curvy, hilly roads, through lush valleys and along ridge-tops, with views that go for miles. Many artists are tucked away on gravel roads. Please drive cautiously. When in doubt concerning road conditions, drive slower than you normally would and tip the car-wash guys when you get done.

The Artist order is designed to provide the least amount of congestion as you travel. Feel free to follow the order or strike out on your own art adventure!

Print the following PDF’s out to help find your way as GPS does not work in many of our beautiful back-road locations. The map in the brochure is also accurate and drawn to scale, though the map does omit some roads, due to space constraints.

To print or download a 2017 brochure:
For 2017 Lodging/Dining PDF in Word form 2017 Lodging/Dining guide
For 2017 Artists listing PDF in Word form 2017 Artists’ Listings
For 2017 Artists GPS PDF 2017 Artist’s GPS

View/Download the actual 2017 Tour Brochure in low resolution: NIAST brochure 2017 artist side (543kb)/ NIAST brochure 2017 map side (844kb)

Or for the brochure separated into easy to print letter size parts:
2017 NIAST map
2017 NIAST artists 1-2-3-4-9-10-11-12-13-17-18-19-20
2017 NIAST artists 5-6-7-8-13-14-15-16-21-22-23-24
2017 NIAST artists 25-26-27-28-33-34-35-36-41-42-43
2017 NIAST artists 29-30-31-32-37-38-39-40
2017 NIAST lodging dining

View/Download and PRINT the latest 2017 Tour Directions:
Many of these directions are from MAPQUEST.
PLEASE NOTE –  US Cellular and Verizon work best in this area but there is NO coverage in some areas. Print the map and directions to supplement.

2017 Route directions from one location to the next in order.
2017 Artists directions from major near intersection.

Route and Artists directions UPDATED 10.3.2017  The most recent reported route changes are current and posted on this page.

Reported road construction:
10/6/2017: One of the routes from Decorah through the crossroads of Highways 9 and 52, is under construction with “take turns” entrances. 

Please note when planning for next year’s 21st Annual Tour – the dates have been changed from those listed in the lower right panel inside the brochure/Artists section, from October 5, 6 & 7 to October 12, 13 & 14, 2018.


View 20th Annual Northeast Iowa Artists’ Studio Tour 2017 in a larger map